Nový tréninkový plán FULL BODY. Kupuj právě teď.

8 week training plan FULL BODY + diet plan (ENG version)

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The new FULL BODY training plan that focuses on strengthening your entire body. Now with a diet inside.

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The plan is clearly processed to suit women who spend time mainly at home, for example because of maternity leave, and do not have the opportunity to get to the gym, also for those who simply do not like the gym and like to exercise at home.

This time the plan is focused on the whole body and includes exercises for the arms. 

The plan is more challenging, it is not suitable for complete beginners who have not exercised yet (for such I recommend my training plans number 1 Complete, where you will learn the basics, click HERE).

The exercises are functional, by practicing the plan you will surely build a much better physical condition. 

If you want to focus even more on specific parts of your body, I recommend purchasing the BACK and LEGS or BRAIN plan separately to the plan, depending on your problem areas.

One daily workout with warm-up should take about 45-50 minutes.

This plan also includes a sample diet plan that, along with the exercises, will help you achieve the desired results.



Resistand band ( Rubber)
Dumbell ( one-handed)
Plate (disc) Kettlebell
Chair ( chair)
Rope ( Jump rope)

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